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Miss USA 2000
Lynnette Cole--Tennessee

Miss USA 2001
Kandace Krueger--Texas

Miss USA 2002
Shauntay Hinton--District of Columbia

Miss USA 2003
Susie Castillo--Massachusetts

Miss USA 2004
Shandi Finnessey--Missouri

Miss USA 2005
Chelsea Cooley--North Carolina

Miss USA 2006
Tara Conner--Kentucky

Miss USA 2007
Rachel Smith--Tennessee

Miss USA 2008
Crystle Stewart--Texas

Miss USA 2009
Kristen Dalton--North Carolina

Miss USA 2010
Rima Fakih--Michigan

Miss USA 2011
Alyssa Campanella--California

Miss USA > Miss Universe 2012
Olivia Culpo--Rhode Island

Miss USA 2012
Nana Meriwether--Maryland

Miss USA 2013
Erin Brady--Connecticut

Miss USA 2014
Nia Sanchez--Nevada

Miss USA 2015
Olivia Jordan--Oklahoma

Miss USA 2016
Deshauna Barber--District of Columbia

Miss USA 2017
Kára McCullough--District of Columbia



Images courtesy of Miss Universe L.P., LLLP