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Thought #2 - Miss Universe Pageant 2002 - 6/30/02

This year's Miss Universe Pageant was one of the best since 1999.  There were many footage revolving around the contestants, not so much guest performances like the past two years.  I got 5 delegates (Canada, India, Venezuela, Panama, South Africa) from my top 10 list, and Russia wasn't even one of them.  The opening number was spectacular, all the 75 delegates were extremely elegant and classy.  Favorites such as Colombia, USA, and Puerto Rico failed to make the cut, what a surprise!!  First-timers China and Albania was among the top 10.  Some say China got in because it was all politics, who knows.  I just read an article from the Pageant Fans HQ Message Board saying that some of the girls were treated differently (special treatments maybe).  Her makeup and hairstyle were way off, what were the makeup artists and hairstylists thinking.  Questions were raised about the preliminary judging this year, apparently the judges pretty much handpicked their favorites, and the level of difficulty of the interview questions varied from delegate to delegate.

The evening gown and swimsuit competitions were done tastefully, all the delegates had some TV time and I was glad to see that.  Russia received the highest scores for both competitions, and I have to say her scores were a bit overrated.  The range was huge given that the top 10 were neck and neck.  If you want to check out the judges' individual scores, go to the official website of Miss Universe.  My favorite gowns were India, South Africa, and Panama.  As for India's gown, either people like it or they really hate it so bad, well I like it.  Same as Russia, hers was a designer's gown, which usually gets a fairly high score from past pageants.  Panama, Venezuela, and Russia had the best figures for the swimsuit competition.  South Africa was too skinny, India's hip was too big, Canada's bones were sticking out, and China needs to work on her waist a bit.

The delegates' questions were great and the top 5 handled it well except that Venezuela didn't quite answer her question.  Out of the 5 questions, I like Costa Rica's question the most:  If your life were a video tape, what would you erase and what would you replay, Russia's answer was good and safe.  The final question was a big joke--"What makes you blush?" how in the world could you determine a winner from that!  China was a bit off on that one--she answered, "Right now, when I was with my family, when I was with my best friends, and all the Puerto Rico friends, I'm proud to be here, and I'm the first to be here."  Personally I think the final question was made easy so that the beautiful girl won't choke so she could win.  In the past, the "favorites" gave a bad answer and didn't win.  Overall the production was great--nice pace, and I'm expecting a better show in Panama next year.  I really wanted the top 10 interview (World Tour) to come back, but I think that would never happen since Donald Trump only cares for beautiful woman, to him--as long as you are beautiful, you can be smart.  Congrats to Oxana and Good Luck to Denise, you really rocked!!