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Thoughts on Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2002

This year's semi-final took a different spin with no interview segment. The show content was all right, at least it was not boring.  The winner from each of the talent performances deserved their spots and for me it's really hard to pick one winner to be Miss Talent because the four of them were performing different things. In my opinion, Cerina da Graca was my favorite to win Miss Photogenic, she totally deserved the award.  My grade for the show: B-

In the final, I found recordings were used during the intro and the favorite Miss Hong Kong segments, I wish the contestants would have said something live. The interview questions this year was good, not stupid compared to other years. There weren't really bad answers from any of the contestants. Cathy Wu had the best answer, and Tiffany's "monkey" response was funny, I can tell Dodo wasn't thrilled when she said that. The biggest surprise was (is) the fact that Cerina didn't place, I wasn't expecting that at all.  After watching the show, I couldn't figure out why she lost. Her performance wasn't bad at all, but maybe others were more exceptional. A lot of people were shocked by Cathy's placement, but she totally nailed the interview. For the past few years, those who had great interviews in the final placed third: Heidi Chu, Maree Lau, Myolie Wu, Charmaine Sheh, Fiona Yuen, Theresa Lee, Middy Yu, Shirley Cheung... After watching the K-100 live interview, I believe that the rest of the 9 contestants all had the potential to be MHK. The winner has been chosen, no matter we agree or disagree with the final placement, nothing will change the outcome.  Good luck to all the winners and congratulations again. Grade for : B+

The most fascinating event this year about MHK is all the anniversary programs that TVB aired.  The last anniversary show I saw was the 20th anniversary special, I've waited too long.  Inviting former MHKs to share their experiences was wonderful, too bad Loletta Chu, Michele Reis, Anita Yuen, Amy Kwok and others weren't in it, a little disappointed about that. Where was Halina Tam? She's the only MHK-winner-TVB-actress that didn't make an appearance. When I first heard there will be a free MHK magazine by TVB weekly, I had really high expectations. But they could have presented more info in my opinion (talking about pickiness), but the MHK 30 Years website was very impressive, much more useful information for my site.