Thoughts Index

Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2000

General Comments

-VERY detailed coverage @ due to the growth of .com companies in Hong Kong

-1st Internet award presented during semi-final

-New Trophy Design

-Top 3: Great performances during the final


The Good Stuff

-Great swimsuits in the final

-Australia location shoot gave contestants a chance to try out some action activities

-Stage designs

-Great interview questions, especially during semi-final


The Not So Good Stuff

-Some costumes were bad, I mean really bad!

-Semi-final and final were dull in my opinion, lacked excitement

-Miss Millennial Charm Award, what was that all about?? Too subjective

-Clips during the final quiz segment were not working well, but I'm pretty sure that segment was just to kill time for the judges to make the final decision, not VIP.