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Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2001

General Comments

-Finalists were eliminated using the "Weakest Link" format

-Eric Tsang hosted only the interview segment during final due to his attack prior to the pageant

-Lowest ratings in MHK history

-Part of semi-final was pre-recorded (w/ Jordan Chan & Joey Yung)

-My pick: MHK=#19 Shirley Yeung, can't think of anyone who was better than her in 2001, performance was average
            1st runner-up=#6 Heidi Chu, had the best performance during finals
            2nd runner-up=#4 Gigi Chung, a deserving winner of Miss Enhanced Beauty

-Not too many pageant material contestants


The Good Stuff

-Great Stages

-A lot of speaking parts in the final by the contestants

-Great costumes


The Not So Good Stuff

-IQ questions during semi-final

-Too many side awards

-Side awards went to one person (pretty much)