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Miss Hong Kong Pageant 1999

General Comments

-Many bad press among the contestants

-The general public was satisfied with the final result

-Marsha Yuan and Myolie Wu were praised for having a great performance during the classic swimsuit segment

-My pick: #12, #4, #14, cannot think of a better combination

-Semi-final award winner Miss Legs Cindy Wong did not make it to the finals

-Top 5: would have replaced #20 with #5, #5's performance was decent during the final


The Good Stuff

-Well done dance segments in the semi-final (Opening, Miss Legs segment)

-Swimsuit from past pageants

-Semi-final Q & A segment was good, no stupid questions


The Not So Good Stuff

-Swimsuits in the final were criticized for being too revealing

-Last segment in the final where the top 5 showed their best body part--ridiculous way to kill time!

-Some interview questions in the final (future questions) were lame

-Elimination of contestants was considered harsh and disrespectful by some